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Paige Tyler

012 - The SEAL Who Kissed Me (SEALs of Coronado 12) | ebook

012 - The SEAL Who Kissed Me (SEALs of Coronado 12) | ebook

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A woman out for revenge.

Former Russian spy, Kira Babin, has covertly spent the last ten years looking for her younger brother Mikhail––and hunting the man who kidnapped him. When she recently got her chance to defect to the United States, she took it. Away from her Russian handlers, she can search on her own. The last thing she needs is unwanted attention. But when she finally gets a lead, she ends up in the same alleyway, the same gunfight, as the sexy SEAL who fills her dreams and makes her heart beat a little faster––the one she’s been avoiding. It’s not that she doesn’t want Colt––she does. He’s the most amazing man she’s ever met. But if he knows the real her, he’ll walk away, and that’s something even this hardened spy couldn’t survive.

A man who can change her mind.

Petty Officer Colt Hughes never expected his latest mission to land him beside the beautiful blonde he’s been trying to get close to for months. Last he knew she ghosted him. So why was the sexy ex-spy now engaging terrorists in dark alleys? Since Kira saved his and his Teammates' proverbial bacon, he intends to find out. But when the man who killed her parents and abducted her brother turns out to be a person of interest to the CIA, suddenly SEAL Team 5 is helping Kira with an international manhunt. Posing as newlyweds suits Colt just fine because that means alone time with Kira, but the more he gets to know her, the more he sees beyond her beauty to the incredible woman inside. He’s falling hard and fast––if only she’d trust him.

Kira never expected help from Colt, much less from a SEAL Team. But when she has to choose between trust or revenge, life or death, love or heartache…will she listen to her heart or her head?


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  • Goodreads Review

    "An action-packed romance that I could so see turned into a movie. I really loved this book and can't wait to read the next one in the series!"

  • Goodreads Review

    "Author Paige Tyler never disappoints when it comes to action, drama, danger and a good romance. SEAL with a Secret is her storytelling ability at it's best!"

  • Goodreads Review

    "This is one of my absolute favorites of this series! Fast paced, witty, romantic and suspenseful!"